Hi, I'm Omar Colom

AV Educate


Meet Omar, the founder of AV Educate and National Director for Education at Evolve Technology. Omar is an accomplished video engineer with over a dozen certifications. He is a combat veteran from the US Army where he achieved numerous decorations and achievements!  A second-generation industry professional and proud father with one goal in mind: to create a leading resource for audio-visual training.



Hi, I'm Ed Willock

AV Educate

AV Tech Talk

Ed got his start in AV the way many technicians do, by being a musician. As early as high school he began promoting shows for local bands, including his own, and started buying recording and live sound gear. That launched his career in audio and he started a business that worked as both a live sound provider and concert promoter. After a few tours and thousands of shows Ed began his journey into the video side of AV. Currently, his work is generally as an A1/FOH, Monitor Engineer, V1, LED Tech, or Projectionist on high end corporate events, sports broadcasts, and concerts, and recently he has begun to dive into the world of Live Streaming



The goal of AV educate is to train StageHands to become Technicians and provide the resource for Technicians to Become Engineers. 
Technology is a necessary part of modern life that isn’t going away. If you are interested in AV, you can learn to enhance your craft, and we will show you how as we aim for success within the AV Community!